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About Me May 24, 2007


  • I am a college English instructor, as well as an independent writing consultant.
  • Television, books, movies, music, and travel are some of my favorite diversions. I like things that are quirky, like the tv show Twin Peaks or the music of Ben Folds or Regina Spektor. Two of my favorite vacations of the past few years have been to Disney World (it’s not just for kids!) and San Francisco (great city!).
  • My blog does not have one theme or focus. I am sure I could have filled pages and pages with my theories about Lost, or about the demise of the English language from the rampant instant messaging that has infiltrated our culture, but instead I decided on a smorgasbord of pop culture. For a sampling of topics, go to Eclaire’s Faves page.
  • The pop culture I am interested in does not include gossip about celebrities having meltdowns, serving prison time, ruining their careers, getting married for the seventh time, etc. I don’t care about the personal lives of these actors and musicians. I’m more interested in the characters they portray, or the music they create. So, that is what you will find as you peruse the pages of Eclaire Fare. A little music, some literature, a pinch of travel, and heaping helpings of tv, movies, and “old school” shout outs. I’m a child of the ’80s and an aficionado of the ’90s.
  • Eclaire vs. Eclair – In case some of you are wondering why I misspelled “eclair,” let me assure you that I know that the tasty pastry does not end with an “e.” However, my middle name, Claire, does end with an “e,” and my first name begins with an “e” – thus is born the “eclaire.” I felt the need to clarify since I am a former contestant in the National Spelling Bee. (Yes, that was my 15 seconds of fame on CNN – before the Bee became a highly touted competitive event on ESPN. But I never studied the dictionary!)
  • Enjoy! – I hope you are able to find something that suits your tastes as you sample these pages, whether it’s a timeline of tv days of yore, a list of the best or worst movies, some tips for traveling, etc. Leave comments in response to what you find, and make suggestions for any pop culture topics you’d like to see a list, rant, or rave about so I can cater to a variety of interests.

6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Best of luck with your new blog – you have good taste in television! Paul

  2. Mary Celia Says:

    I’m Emily’s mom and I want to comment that Emily is a very good writer. I remember when she wrote a story about a fish ? and it was published by a friend who had a new magazine for No. Central Louisiana. It was a prophecy of things to come!

  3. Emily Says:

    Hey, mom. The story that I wrote that was published was about a little girl who falls through a hole in the sand at the beach, and ends up in an underwater village where she meets various sea creatures. (Somehow she is able to breathe underwater – I didn’t go into that, though). The name of the story was “The Village in the Sea,” and I believe the magazine in which it was published was Piney Hills Magazine.

  4. The.Hulu.Man Says:


    I like your blog, and I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in an online Hulu Awards Ceremony.

    If you join the panel, you will be asked to nominate Hulu clips and shows for awards in a variety of categories. Then, you’ll be asked to vote on a short list of nominees.

    Please either email me with subject line: Hulu Awards, or post a comment on my blog. In your response, please include your name and website (I’m contacting a slew of bloggers).

    Thanks for your time;


  5. Chris R. Says:

    Hi! I love that you love Twin Peaks. I wish you were still an active blogger! Come back and post! I will co-write with you if you want!

    • Emily Says:

      Thanks for the encouragement for me to post again! I’d love to, but my two small children have made it difficult lately. I’ll get back to it eventually. Did you catch the Twin Peaks reference on “Community” last week? Great episode! (The spoof of Glee)

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