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SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 6 Perform July 29, 2009

I can’t believe we’re already down to the final six contestants! Doesn’t that mean that there is only one week left?! Of course, we’ll barely have time to catch our breath before season five starts this fall. For now, Evan, Brandon, Ade, Jeanine, Kayla, and Melissa have two hours tonight to prove they deserve to make it to the final four. This week, Nigel and Mary are joined by Lil’ C on the judges’ panels.

The Group Performances

  • The Guys – They had the fun of working with Sonya Tayeh. “Once they embrace their power, this piece will be unforgettable.” I really enjoyed it! I loved the herky jerky, stop and go, freeze frame style of the choreography. Sonya also designed the routine in a way that allowed each of the guys to shine. Lil’ C commended Evan for staying visible throughout the routine, not “getting swallowed by the dominant excellence of Brandon and Ade.” That sounds like a backhanded compliment…
  • The Girls – The girls are dancing a super hero-themed Sonya Tayeh routine. Sounds fun! Kayla is Storm, Jeanine is Wonder Woman, and Melissa is Buttercup. It was nice to see such a strong, intense girls-only routine. Usually the girls’ dances are sweeter, and feature lots of silky costumes or baby doll dresses. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but this was different, and highly entertaining. And they all looked great!

The Couple Performances

  • Jeanine and Ade
    • Dance #1 – Samba (Louis Van Amstel) – It was fun and sassy! Loved the coordinated purple outfits, and didn’t even mind Jeanine’s feathers. Mary criticized the technical aspects of the performance, but for me, their stage presence was great, particularly Jeanine. My only complaint is that some of the lift work was clumsy. Ade always looked super confident and strong with Melissa, but the lifts seemed a little awkward here.
    • Dance #2 – Hip Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon) – This routine is about friends who are getting evicted from their apartment. Jeanine impressed me more than Ade during this performance, but maybe I was just irritated that the cap kept me from seeing his face. I liked when they danced with their feet in the moving boxes toward the end. That was different. Mary predicted that these two will not be getting their eviction notice after this performance.
  • Melissa and Evan
    • Dance #1 – Broadway (Tyce Diorio) – This may be an awkward partnership, since Melissa is taller than Evan, without heels. This Broadway routine is “get me to the church on time.” This one fell flat for me. The weird boxer/lingerie outfits, the lack of chemistry, the utter cheesiness of it. They’d better have a much more memorable second dance, or they will both be in great danger of going home tomorrow night. Mary said this wasn’t just a “get me to the church on time,” but a “get me to the finale on time.” I don’t agree, and I don’t think America will either. The judges’ comments have seemed quite biased so far tonight, as if they are trying to sway the viewers in a specific direction, moreso than in previous weeks.
    • Dance #2 – The Quickstep (Louis Van Amstel) – This dance style won’t do this pair any favors. It’s technically difficult, and the average viewer doesn’t “get it.” (Count me as one of them.) We’ll see if Louis really is a “dance magician,” able to mask the height issue. My reaction: yawn… I’m not a fan of the quick step, they had zero chemistry, and the only impressive moment was when Evan swung Melissa around at the end. I love Melissa, but I’m afraid this may be the end of the road for her. The judges had mixed feelings about the performance.
  • Kayla and Brandon
    • Dance #1 – Contemporary (Stacey Tookey) – This dance is about “the mistress of a married man who doesn’t have the strength to leave him.” This wasn’t my favorite routine, but it was pretty good. Surprisingly, Brandon stood out more than Kayla, but Kayla looked great in red. Brandon had some amazing leaps and strength moves. All the judges liked it.
    • Dance #2 – Disco (Doriana Sanchez) – Enough with the disco already! Despite my dislike of this style, they did a decent job. It was super fast, and I was impressed that Kayla was able to flip and twirl Brandon around! (Although, that twirling around toward the end was a bit clunky.) Something about this performance reminded me of that scene from Airplane – maybe the white sequined costumes, and the flashing multi-colored lights.

The Solos

  • Kayla – “You Found Me” by The Fray – My reaction to her solos is that she always looks light as a feather, gliding and floating around the stage. Still, I wasn’t as impressed by her solo this week as last week.
  • Ade – “18th Floor Balcony” by Blue October – I think his smart song selection always makes me enjoy his solos more. But there was also a lot to like about his movement and energy tonight.
  • Melissa – “I Put a Spell on You” by Nina Simone – This was an unusual, thus intriguing, solo. I liked it a lot.
  • Brandon – “O Fortuna” (from Carmina Burana) – Brandon decided that no costume was better than the wrong costume for tonight’s solo. Actually, though, it looks like he decided to go back to what got him onto the show in the first place – his original audition. Two words: Wow, and wow. He’s one fine specimen of a dancer, and he’s amazing to watch. Nigel called it “one of the best solos we’ve ever seen on the show.”
  • Jeanine – “Feedback” by Janet Jackson – As usual, she brought a lot of personality, and showed off her strength and control.
  • Evan – “”Lady is a Tramp” by Sammy Davis, Jr. – I think I’ve had about enough of his super cute, throwback style. I loved it at first, but I’m still looking for versatility from him that just isn’t there. (Sorry, Chris!)

My Overall Assessment

  • The Standout Performers
    • Brandon – As my mom said as we watched his solo, “He’s in it to win it.” I have loved just about every dance that he has performed this season.
    • Jeanine – The same can be said for Jeanine. Everything she dances is gold. And yet, she makes it look easy and effortless, and like she’s having tons of fun.
  • My Favorite Performance(s): Jeanine and Ade’s Samba – Honestly, this was one of the most lackluster episodes of the season, so it was hard to pick a “favorite.” Are the choreographers running out of fresh ideas, or are the contestants getting tired after a whirlwind of rehearsals and shows? Actually, I enjoyed Sonya’s guys’ and girls’ group numbers much more than any of the other performances tonight. They were both outstanding. I almost like her as much as Mia Michaels now.
  • My Least Favorite Performance: Melissa and Evan’s Broadway – My second least favorite was the quickstep, but that was less their fault, and more the style’s fault. The Broadway routine was just awkward and boring. I hated to see Melissa stuck with two dud dances tonight, and I’m afraid it is her time to leave.
  • Best Solos: Brandon and Melissa
  • Who should go home: Melissa and Evan – I’d rather see Kayla go home than Melissa, but her performances were more memorable tonight. If people voted based on the solos, Melissa would be safe, because hers was excellent. And Ade may go home instead of Evan, but if he does, it will be a real shame. Really, as long as Brandon and Jeanine make it into next week, I’ll be happy.

What do you think?

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SYTYCD Season 5: The Top 18 Perform June 17, 2009

Nigel, Mary, and Lil’ C took on judging duties tonight, and Cat wore an unfinished dress with the excess fabric pinned to her left shoulder. (Lucky for her she can make anything look great.) The dancers each told us what America needs to know about their partner. Some of their factoids were more interesting than others. For each couple, I’ve listed the basics of what they performed, what they said about each other, what I thought of their performance, and what the judges thought of it. Here we go!

  • Randi and Evan – Jive (Louis Van Amstel) – “Shake a Tail Feather” by Ray Charles – Randi has a dog she treats like a child. Evan is a gearhead. He built his own car. Having fun is what this dance is all about. And it was fun! The Jive is not my favorite style of dance, but this is probably my favorite jive performance ever on the show. They kept up the pace and the energy, and threw in a couple of impressive stunts. My only complaint is that Evan’s smile was a little forced and overbearing during some of the performance. Lil’ C thought they had a great partnership, and that it was a solid beginning to the show. Mary said she thinks these two are built for the jive, but thought it fell a little short. Nigel thought Evan would be better than he really was, and criticized his lack of “double bounce,” but praised Evan and Randi as a couple.
  • Melissa and Ade – Jazz (Sonya Tayeh) – “24 Hours (The Ashton Shuffle A-Bomb Remix” by Terry Poison – Melissa and her sister married brothers. Ade’s real name is Adetokunbo Isaac Kayode Obayomi. Sonya describes this piece as being about “A high maintenance girl who’s playing hard-to-get, and the cliche idea of a man that hates to lose.” I hated the costumes (Cat said they looked like two naughty rock n roll imps), especially Meilssa’s hot pink spandex that looked like it had been shredded by a tiger, and Ade’s clingy leather pants weren’t much better. However, I liked the weirdness of the dance. They did a great job with it, and have shown they can do two very different styles very well (and that they are both very strong dancers). Lil’ C thinks Ade is everybody’s competition, and that Melissa submerged herself into character. Mary: “It was really tough to find anything I didn’t love about it.” Nigel mentioned that the quirky dance still allowed them to show off their technique. He comlimented Melissa for equalling Ade’s strength at every turn. I agree!
  • Caitlin and Jason – Hip Hop (Shaine Sparks) – “Missin’ You” by Trey Songz – Jason was seriously obsessed with Michael Jackson as a child (somehow that doesn’t surprise me – cute videos, though), Caitlin does baby voices and a velociraptor. Shane says that chemistry is the story of this dance, about a couple who used to be together but can’t be now. It’s nice to have Shane Sparks back on the show, but this wasn’t a memorable hip hop number for me. That probably has more to do with this couple than with Shane. Neither Caitlin or Jason looked very comfortable with this style of dance, and they have never been my favorite contestants. Lil C “did not love that” and thought Shane Spark’s vision turned into their nightmare. Mary said it “was kind of like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears up there… completely different dancers.” She described them as out of synch. Nigel thought they looked really good doing the routine, but he skirted the issue of whether or not they did it well.
  • Janette and Brandon – Disco (Doriana Sanchez) – “Loving is Really My Game” by Brainstorm – Janette had “the worst teeth ever” when she was young, and Brandon has never worked out a day in his life (that is hard to believe!). Oh no, not disco again! I am often annoyed by all the strutting and white pants. As usual, I wasn’t wowed by the choreography, but the two lift and spins were rather impressive. Janette looked cute in her little pink dress, but Brandon was quite tacky looking in his sleeveless vest and butterfly collar. Lil’ C believes that he “just saw the birth of progression in two amazing dancers.” Er? Sometimes Lil’ C’s philosophical rants are hard to follow. Mary asked Nigel if he put that dance on fast forward, but added that the two of them nailed it and sarcastically told Janette to work on her flexibility, and Brandon on his strength. Nigel thought it was tremendous, and somehow worked in a reference to Dirty Dancing. (I think that the judges are determined to make disco popular again, but their efforts are not working on me.)
  • Asuka and Vitolio – Waltz (Louis Van Amstel) – “Dreams Are More Precious” by Enya – Vitolio is obsessed with motorcycles, and Asuka makes spit bubbles. Louis called this more of a “lyrical, spiritual waltz.” He wants it to embody the journey Vitolio has gone on, from being an orphan, to where he is now. I am usually more critical of a dance that is touted as some sort of emotional catharsis, because often in these cases, the judges ignore technique and gush about the story (the key example being Lacey and Neil’s flower dance from season 3, which I still think was way overrated). This one started out well, very smooth and flowing, and Asuka looked beautiful and light as a feather in her shimmery dress. Unfortunately for me, somewhere along the way it fell flat. Vitolio especially seemed to drag his feet a couple of times, and there was no connection between the two dancers. Except for a couple of standout moments, it was one of those “going through the motions” routines. Mary was moved by it, calling it “painfully beautiful,” and said it was Vitolio’s most honest dancing yet. Lil’ C pointed out Vitolio’s choppy steps, but said it was made up for my the sincerity and honesty of his performance. Nigel felt he saw a different couple this week than he saw last week, and loves that people grow on the show.
  • Kayla and Max – Pop Jazz (Brian Friedman) – “Hot Like Wow” by Nadia Oh – Max is like a housedad to his SYTYCD roommates. Kayla is a big texter. This dance is about a princess, and Max is coming in to perform for her, but wants to steal her throne. Um, I didn’t really care for this. First of all, Max’s costume was kind of ridiculous, and his movements were very girly. It was kind of like he was the princess. And unfortunately, this routine gave him center stage, leaving Kayla with little more to do than kick her leg up in the air and sway side to side. This performance did nothing to improve my opinion of Max. A far better “royal” routine comes to mind – Danny and Neil’s dueling princes performance from the Season 3 finale. More of that, and less of what we got here, would have been much preferred. Maybe I just don’t like pop jazz. Hmmm… What did the judges think? Lil’ C made excuses about how it’s hard to pick up Brian Friedman’s vernacular. He said Max did okay for him, and that Kayla is amazing whatever she does. (I think he was avoiding saying the real truth, which is probably that he didn’t enjoy the dance.) Mary didn’t know about Max’s outfit, but she thought he was quite a surprise, but didn’t “steal the throne.” And she said Kayla is “just a beast out there dancing.” Nigel called Kayla a frontrunner, and told Max his problem is keeping up with her. Um, I don’t know where in that routine Nigel was reminded of Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects.
  • Karla and Jonathan – Contemporary (Stacey Tookey) – “Falling Slowly” by The Frames – Karla is a badass hip hop dancer, and Jonathan loves to sing but isn’t good at it. This dance is about two strangers that have an accidental meeting and have chemistry. Great song, interesting routine. I liked it much better than their performance last week, and it had some powerful choreography, but they are still lacking some chemistry. Mary told Jonathan that he did contemporary better than his own style. Nigel compared Jonathan’s center of gravity to tai chi. Lil’ C thought there was a perfect balance – emotion, technique, posture, athleticism…
  • Jeanine and Phillip – Tango (Tony Meredith) – “Violento (Up Mix)” by Bailango! – Phillip is a super nerd who collects reptiles, and Jeanine has a teddy bear named Spanky. Tony was surprised by their lack of ballroom knowledge, so my guess is that they will have to pick up their stage presence game to make up for some lagging technique. I loved the music, their costumes, and the fact that they were totally invested in the performance. They entertained me. I was really impressed by Jeanine. I like her even more now! Mary gave Phillip an A+ in attitude, but a C- in technique. She called Jeanine a “hot mama” and said her technique was a lot better. Lil’ C said something about lack of confidence being an anchor that weighs down your performance. Nigel gave Phillip some constructive criticism, but said it was great entertainment.
  • Ashley and Kupono – Hip Hop (Shane Sparks) – “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas – Kupono is OCD about his wardrobe, and Ashley vomited all over her classmates on the first day of first grade. Ashley is supposed to be Kupono’s shadow in this routine, and they are going “100 miles per hour.” I liked the choregraphy, but Ashley seemed to be more into the performance, energy and effort wise, than Kupono, and since it was all about shadowing, they kind of needed to mirror each other’s emotion and energy. I wonder if this couple will be in danger this week, since they didn’t have freaky crash test dummy characters to distract us with. Mary thought it was okay, not memorable. Lil’ C said there was no synchronization because of Kupono, and that ruined the whole routine for him (I agree!). He thought Ashley had some nice moments. Nigel felt it stopped just at the point he started to enjoy it. He was underwhelmed.

My Favorite Performances

  • Randi and Evan’s Jive
  • Melissa and Ade’s Jazz
  • Jeanine and Phillip’s Tango

Least Favorite Performances

  • Caitlin and Jason’s hip hop
  • Kayla and Max’s pop jazz
  • Ashley and Kupono’s hip hop

Performances somewhere in the middle

  • Brandon and Janelle’s disco
  • Asuka and Vitolio’s waltz
  • Karla and Jonathan’s contemporary

It’s interesting that my favorite three performances tonight were by my favorite couples from last week. Even though their performances didn’t wow me this week, I am still cheering for Brandon, Janelle, and Kayla as well.

My Predictions for the Bottom Three Couples:

  • Asuka and Vitolio
  • Kupono and Ashley
  • Caitlin and Jason

It’s really harder to predict the results this week, because in my opinion, there weren’t as many standout performances as last week. With more “just okay” performances, it’s hard to know who America will or won’t vote for. But if I had to guess, I’d say that Asuka and Kupono will go home.


SYTYCD 2009: Auditions in Miami and Memphis May 27, 2009

Apparently the producers told the guest judges to really ham it up this year. Last week we had kooky Sonya, praising anyone who showed the least bit of talent, and this week it was Tyce Diorio, in Miami, lambasting all the bad dancers and taking exaggerated sighs of relief when there was a good audition. They seemed to highlight more poor auditions in this episode, and I opted to fast forward through many of those, rather than sitting through the sheer awkwardness (not to mention the waste of my time). Lil’ C took over as guest judge in Memphis. I appreciated his patience and constructive criticism, even for the worst dancers. (For example, telling that Backstreet Boy cousin to look into the dance style called trickin’.)

Only a few of the dancers stood out to me in tonight’s two hour episode:

  • Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde – This couple stood out to me more this year than last year. They had great chemistry, stayed in synch with each other almost the whole time, and were fun to watch. I am also glad that Janette got rid of the ugly blond streaks in her hair.
  • Talia Rickards – I was touched by Talia’s intro, about marrying her high school sweetheart only to lose him four years later in a motorcycle accident. It’s nice that she has dance as an outlet, and although her audition lacked complexity, she brought a lot of energy and strength. I see some potential for a fan favorite here. Maybe she will shine when some famous choreographers are creating her dance moves.
  • Evan Kasprzak – I thought I recognized this Gene Kelly-esque dancer from last season. He was thoroughly entertaining, and his old-style technique stood out from the crowd of more contemporary dancers. I look forward to seeing more of him, but hope he can take on a variety of dance styles. I didn’t quite get his brother’s whoopie-cushion accompanied performance. A bit too cheesy for my taste. But both of these guys will be fun to watch in Broadway routines, should either of them make it into the Top 20.

Tomorrow night we’ll see auditions in Los Angeles and Seattle. I’m anxious to move on to the real competition!


So You Think You Can Dance: The Top Ten Perform July 16, 2008

Dance Legends, Mad Max Extras, and Washed Up Boats – all on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

  • Cat is looking like a disco queen tonight, decked out in a sparkly gold dress. Perhaps she wore that dress to the premiere of the new movie Mamma Mia? (not to be confused with this show’s Mamma Mia – as she described herself in a recent interview.) Tonight’s guest judge is Lil’ C. In lieu of tiring my fingers out from pausing the DVR and doing extra typing, I’ll refer you here for tonight’s track list.
  • The show doesn’t waste any time getting to the big announcement which was all over the internet this week: Jessica is dropping out of the competition because of an injury: she “broke two ribs and fractured one.” 😦 She does hope to be back in time for the tour. So, since Jessica is out… Comfort is back in.
  • The other big change this week, the couples we know and love have been broken up. Let’s get to it.

Joshua and Courtney – Hip Hop (Dave Scott)

Hmm… my favorite guy and least favorite girl. And I loved it! Joshua was great – loved his facial expressions and how he was totally invested in the role of the hip hoppin’ mad scientist. Courtney held her own. I liked her different look. They danced well together.

  • Lil’ C: “Joshua, you killed it… Courtney, you did good!” He thought they made it their own and added so much character. I agree!
  • Mary: She thinks they had great chemistry, and enjoyed Dave Scott’s comedy. “Joshua, you stole the show for me right now.” I agree. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.
  • Nigel: “That’s the first time I’ve seen Dr. Frankenstein spank his monster.” He liked Courtney’s character, but didn’t think as much of her dancing.

Joshua and Courtney – The Rumba (Jean Marc and France Genereaux)

They recycled the wardrobe with Courtney’s half dress and Joshua’s famed tight pants from previous weeks. And the song couldn’t have been cheesier than Enrique’s overdramatic, wispy “Hero.” Thankfully they rose above the song with a smooth, sexy dance. They were terrific until that last lift, when it looked like Joshua couldn’t quite keep his grip on Courtney to raise her up. This dance reminded me of Dominic and Sabra’s Rumba from last season. That routine also featured a song that I normally wouldn’t like.

  • Lil’ C: “I might need my asthma pump. You took my breath away.” He felt a “sensual innocence” in the routine, and “so much valor” from Joshua. He did notice Joshua’s hesitancy with the lift, but thought he nailed it.
  • Mary: She felt “extra energy, subtle sexiness.” “Fantastic!”
  • Nigel: He thought the choreography “fit their bodies beautifully.” Well said. He thanked Joshua for “keeping what’s left of his shirt on,” which led to some cute banter.

Kherington and Mark – Two Step (Ronnie and Brandy, and their unborn child, apparently)

Country two step is low on my list of dance styles, so it will take a lot to impress me. And, I wasn’t impressed. Kherington’s outfit made her look like a dance line girl more than a country two stepper, and I didn’t like Mark as a cowboy. I wasn’t buying their partnership. It seemed shaky, they were uncertain about the choreography, and the whole routine felt disjointed.

  • Lil’ C: He thought the audience could see the wounds, that were really deep, from their missed steps.
  • Mary: She thought it was tough, they didn’t do well technically, and that Mark had a better connection than Kherington.
  • Nigel: This type of routine requires the partners “to have complete faith in each other.” He put most of the blame on Kherington. “You looked uncomfortable.” Indeed.

Kherington and Mark – Jazz (Tyce Diorio)

There’s no story, just style, and lots of sliding. I wonder if the audience will connect with that. They looked like extras from Mad Max in their piecemeal, tattered, post-apocalyptic clothing. The dancing was okay, but lacked in the entertainment department.

  • Lil’ C: He wanted a little more confidence.
  • Mary: “I’m not jumping out of my seat right now.”
  • Nigel: “It was a little bit like a driving test for me.” Like checking items off a list. “No heart, no passion, nothing outstanding.” I agree.

Comfort and Twitch – Smooth Waltz (Hunter Johnson)

I was distracted by how Comfort’s dress kept bunching up. Shouldn’t it be flowing for a waltz? The dance seemed more jerky than a smooth waltz should be. Twitch seemed stiff. Comfort was a little better than him, but it wasn’t any better than mediocre.

  • Lil’ C: “A lot of your steps, you weren’t floating.” Just what I was saying.
  • Mary: (Shaking her head “no”) “It’s just lacking so much power at this point.” “Choppy.” “Clunky.” “The quality of movement was just not there.”
  • Nigel: “It certainly wasn’t strong enough for a top ten dancer.” But he complimented them on the majestic lift that they succeeded on at the end.

Comfort and Twitch – Hip Hop (Dave Scott)

Dave Scott calls this “Studio 64 in 2085.” This was a solid routine, despite the homemade looking clothing that the wardrobe department put together (spray painted jeans, various pageant sashes, pieces of broken glass, etc.). They looked like they were having fun. I didn’t love it as much as the judges did, but I’m glad they had such nice things to say to Comfort.

  • Lil’ C: “That was kind of buck.”
  • Mary: She, too, thought it was buck.
  • Nigel: He thought they were “dancing for the joy of it.”

Katee and Will – Broadway (Tyce Diorio)

She’s supposed to be a promiscuous gypsy girl. The boat prop wasn’t doing much for me. In fact, there wasn’t much boat rockin’ going on until Will ripped open his shirt toward the end. Could him going shirtless be enough to keep him ahead of the competition? Possibly. It was cute, but not outstanding. Here come all the boat metaphors…

  • Lil’ C: “You guys were explosive in character, and even more explosive in the choreography.” “You rocked my boat.”
  • Mary: “I’m hoppin’ on the love boat with this number, yes I am!” “Katee, you’re cute as a button.” She thought Will left his serious side on the sidelines tonight. I agree with that.
  • Nigel: “It was terrific.” He got great things from two technically great dancers.

Katee and Will – Pas de Deux (Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden)

This was the first pas de deux featured on the show, and I really enjoyed it. It was graceful, beautiful, and fluid, and it continued the trend of Will going shirtless. My only problem with it was the music. I don’t mind listening to David Archuleta’s version of “Imagine,” but why the awkward pause and shift in the music halfway through? I was so distracted that I couldn’t enjoy part of the routine. As for Katee, I’m really impressed with her after tonight. She’s no fluke, and it wasn’t just Joshua that was making her look good. She may be the most versatile, talented girl left on the show. Will and Katee may have been the best pairing tonight. They complemented each other.

  • Lil’ C: “You guys danced with so much commitment and passion and vigor and fervor… You delivered.”
  • Mary: “Two of the most beautiful dancers I have ever seen.”
  • Nigel: First he had to do some damage control, because Lil’ C failed to credit one of the choreographers. I’m glad he praised Desmond, because I’d hate for anything to keep him and Dwight from coming back on the show. I really enjoyed this routine! As for the dancing, he hasn’t seen “such wonderful dancing on the show, certainly this season, but in the past as well,” as he saw from them tonight.

Chelsie and Gev – Contemporary (Sonya Tayeh)

This dance is about how soulmates feel when they are apart, yearning for each other. Chelsie and Gev worked well together. I believed their emotion and chemistry. I liked how it incorporated some of Gev’s unusual moves. My favorite of the night so far, perhaps, and the best that I’ve seen Gev.

  • Lil’ C: This routine made him feel something. “You guys really committed… I could actually feel you yearning for him.” “Gev, you did look like you were more prepared to do a contemporary piece.”
  • Mary: “Sonya brought out something that could give you amazing chemistry together.” I agree!
  • Nigel: He thought Gev lacked a little passion (“I think you had Courtney on your mind.”) Complimented Chelsie for winning Gev over by the end. I think Nigel missed the point of the dance.

Chelsie and Gev – The Jive (Jean Marc and France Genereaux)

This was billed as “Formula One fast,” and that it was. There was plenty of booty shakin’ and high steppin’. Gev looked lost a couple of times – he couldn’t keep up with Chelsie. But, it was a fun way to end the night.

  • Lil’ C: “She out stepped you, Gev.” He thinks Chelsie could make a mannequin look good. What is it with ball room dancers and mannequins on this show?
  • Mary: She thought it was great, but “too much concentration” from Gev.
  • Nigel: “The energy levels were there… Chelsie you were outstanding.” He thought they did a mostly great job.


  • Chelsie – So so, as most ballroom solos are, since it’s a partner dance. Will we ever forget Pasha’s ill-fated solo last season when he danced with a mannequin? Ouch.
  • Gev – He’s like an illusionist with some of his moves! He is my favorite soloist so far this season.
  • Courtney – She brought a lot of energy and power. Pretty impressive.
  • Mark – He’s so weird, and I love it! “Bohemian Rhapsody” was an appropriate song for him to dance to.
  • Comfort – Maybe it’s just because we’ve seen her perform solo so much, but it seemed like more of the same. I was bored.
  • Twitch – Fun and funky, with some cool slow motion moves. I must say, though, that I’m getting tired of his gimmicks – the dorky glasses and his Super Twitch shirts need to take a back seat to him.
  • Katee – She has a beautiful spirit that comes across while she dances, and her movement was also beautiful to watch.
  • Will – He used the stage well and had some impressive leaps, but it wasn’t his most powerful solo.
  • Kherington – This solo seemed tired and slow, especially compared to some of the other ones. Kherington seemed out of sorts tonight, and was particularly lackadaisical here.
  • Joshua – This solo had some “wow” moments, and lots of energy, as does everything where Joshua is concerned.

Best Solos:

  • Mark
  • Katee

Worst Solos: (I thought all the guys did pretty well, but if I had to pick one for this list, I’d go with Twitch.)

  • Kherington
  • Comfort

Best Couple Performances:

  • Katee and Will’s Pas de Deux
  • Chelsie and Gev’s Contemporary
  • Joshua and Courtney’s Rumba

Worst Couple Performances:

  • Kherington and Mark’s Two Step
  • Kherington and Mark’s Jazz
  • Comfort and Twitch’s Smooth Waltz

The person who least impressed me tonight was Kherington. I don’t know if she just had an off night, or if she’s getting burned out, but she could be in danger Thursday night. She and Mark had, in my opinion, the worst partnership of the night. Katee and Will most benefited from the new pairings, followed closely by Courtney and Joshua. Realistically, Comfort is most likely going home, but it’s a tough one with the guys. My guess is either Gev or Twitch.

Is it just me, or was this like the longest post ever! Signing off…

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