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Fall 2011 Preview: The CW’s New Shows September 9, 2011

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Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to tv in Ringer, the CW's most promising new show.

I’m officially too old for this network. Although, I’m still watching Supernatural – not sure why – it’s not as good as it used to be and probably should have ended two seasons ago. And this year the only new show I’m interested in is Ringer. Only because Sarah Michelle Gellar is the star. Anyone else and I wouldn’t even consider watching it. They aren’t giving much info about the actual premise, other than that she is posing as her twin sister who disappeared or something. Another positive is that Jason Dohring (Logan on Veronica Mars) has been added to the cast. On that note, count me in!

The other shows:

  • Hart of Dixie – Looks painfully sweet and sappy, and I’m not too impressed with Rachel Bilson’s acting. All these shows that take Northerners or big city dwellers down south to small town America are so cliched and get a lot of things wrong. And Rachel Bilson as a brilliant surgeon? Really?
  • H8R – The name alone would keep me away from this “reality” show, but then I find out that it’s even worse than I thought. Mario Lopez is the host (go away!), and it focuses on “stars” like Snookie and some other people I’ve never heard of. I’m pretty sure only people who watch E! or MTV know these stars. It’s about celebrities confronting the people who hate on them. Sounds like a very silly premise. Am I really supposed to feel sorry for these “famous” people because someone doesn’t like them? Obviously, I’m very irritated by this show. I hope it’s an instant failure.
  • The Secret Circle – Not so much interested in this one. Trying to continue capitalizing on Vampire Diaries success, no doubt. But doesn’t that show have witches in addition to vampires and werewolves? This show apparently focuses solely on witches. Not sure this one will catch on. But you never know with CW. Vampire Diaries didn’t look too promising when it started, and it has a huge following now.

So that’s it. Weak offerings, CW, very weak. Then again, maybe I’m just too old to see the genius in them. 😉   After all, the old folks probably complained about Buffy and Angel back in the day.